Welcome to the Hoppitry
The Hoppitry is located in Southern Chesapeake,
VA.  Our current stock includes mini lops and
Flemish Giants, with a couple english lops.  We
finished the 2009-2010 season 5th in
sweepstakes points with our Flemish.  
We offer show, breeding & pet quality stock.
The Hoppitry
This is Jack.  He was one of our
original herd buck.  He has
many boys and girls that are
going to carrying on his legacy.
This is TH-12.  She was one of
our first Black Flemish.  She
has turned out to be a
wonderful Mom.
This is Allen.  he is our Sr
Buck that was BOV in
FOR SALE:    We have had  a great breeding Spring.  We have  Fawns and
Sandies that are for sale at Convention.   Contact us for an updated list of the For
Sale Rabbits.